Intentional Projects Award

For great ideas and projects up to 1 year old.

This prize is for individuals, communities, groups and organisations, to help them to get a strong foundation through knowledge sharing.

There were 5 prize winners in 2017, each being awarded £10,000.

Below are the winners, short-listed projects and other nominees.


Prize Winners for 2017

Benaa organization

Benaa aims to empower Arabian youth to build sustainable development projects, and create an interactive enabling environment in the MENA region.

These projects cover:

  1. Ecological Sustainability: controlling water and air pollution, and solid waste management
  2. Food and Agriculture: organic farming, food waste reduction, and local food production
  3. Education: raising awareness of sustainable development
  4. Urbanism and Architecture: including reconstructing inadequate rural and urban settlements
  5. Information and Communications Technology
  6. Social Development: to improve the life standards of rural and poor communities
  • Community
  • 2017
  • Intentional Projects
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Project information

Compassos Institute / Action Compassos

The purpose of the Compassos Institute is to debate ideas related to the marginality of youngsters and adults with special needs that cannot enter the labor market.

We also strive to develop ways to minimize and prevent environmental damage in Brazil.

The Compassos Action Project is multidisciplinary and works in different spheres, the main one being biodynamic agriculture. Families, schools and the community will all be welcomed.

We will offer practical experience creating a collective vegetable garden, as well as student training, courses and lectures.

We hope for this project to be replicated in neighboring cities.

  • Community
  • 2017
  • Intentional Projects
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Photo: Compassos Institute / Action Compassos

Project information

MontBio (Montnegre Biochar)

MontBio promotes the intelligent use of carbon for ecological, economic and social regeneration; climate change adaption; and truly ethical consumerism.

Our community project is bringing back the ancient tradition of making charcoal in the coastal mountains of Montnegre i El Corredor natural park.

However, we intend to put carbon in the ground instead of the atmosphere – meanwhile regenerating the Mediterranean ecosystem, reducing wildfire risks, and building a circular economy among the mountain inhabitants.

MontBio has permission to recover “waste” wood from forestry operations that would otherwise be burned, in order to create a high value, carbon negative product.

  • Landscapes
  • 2017
  • Intentional Projects
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Photo: MontBio (Montnegre Biochar)

Project information

Regeneration Project: Granada

Regeneration Project: Granada (Spain) grew from Eroles Project’s 2016 Camp As If People Matter residency.

We are a growing collective of refugees/migrants, local people and international participants who are working together to develop a project which seeks to find new ways to respond to migration.

We aim to co-create small scale viable solutions, lifelong friendships, skill sharing, and ways of living as human to human.

Together our vision is to repopulate a village in the province of Granada, Spain; collaboratively working the land and creating viable and sustainable livelihoods, to regenerate both the ecosystem and the economy of the area.

  • Community, Landscapes
  • 2017
  • Intentional Projects
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Photo: Regeneration Project: Granada

Project information

  • Spanish
  • C/Fuenterrabia, 11, 4, Puerta 2 Madrid, Spain 28014, Spain

The Soft Foot Alliance

The Soft Foot Alliance is dedicated to improving the lives and landscapes of people living on the boundary of Hwange national Park, Zimbabwe, while achieving a sustainable co-existence with wildlife.

We use permaculture design and holistic land management to apply long-term solutions that are regenerative and uplift people whilst protecting the environment.

One such initiative is ‘Co-Herd’, where herders are given training in a variety of sustainable skills in return for herding as a team, following a holistic grazing plan and using predator proof mobile livestock stockades.

This is regenerating the land, uplifting people and protecting livestock and lions.

  • Community, Food, Landscapes
  • 2017
  • Intentional Projects
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Photo: The Soft Foot Alliance

Project information

Also short-listed


Agroecopolis is a very young, grassroots non-profit, non-governmental organisation. It is the Hellenic Network for Agroecology, Food Sovereignty and Access To Land.

It is the product of many years of collaboration between a variety of formal and informal groups, collectives and individuals working in these broad areas.

We actively promote different models of connecting consumers and producers -like Community Supported Agriculture (CSA), we provide links with the social solidarity economy movement and alternative currencies, and we work on issues of inclusion for sensitive social groups, migrants and displaced people through the idea of food production, distribution and consumption.


  • Food
  • 2017
  • Intentional Projects
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Photo: Agroecopolis

Project information

  • Greek, English
  • Kleitou 18, Thessaloniki, Macedonia, 54642, Greece

Autonome Heilschule Wendland

The “Autonome Heilschule Wendland” is a project in creation.

We want to establish a healing school, where people can self-study or attend daily classes, that is open for everyone that wants to learn about alternative medicine and treatments, to find individual approaches to their health. It is a place for support and exchange with a medicinal garden, apothecary, movement room and more.

We will organise regular courses and workshops to facilitate the transmission of knowledge from specialists to the people, regardless of their income, background and identities.

  • Community
  • 2017
  • Intentional Projects
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Photo: Autonome Heilschule Wendland

Project information

  • German, English
  • Grieboer Dorfstr. 7, Lutherstadt Wittenberg, Sachsen-Anhalt 06886, Germany


Be-in-cO stands for BEleif and BEing present, INspiration, INnovation and INterconnectedness, and for COmmunication, COcreation and COmmunity.

We facilitate transformative workshops to enable individuals, communities and organizations to realize their collective intelligence and co-create positive change.

We combine our expertise in social entrepreneurship and facilitation with the most innovative participatory methodologies and provide teams with alternative tools that are extremely precious in our chaotic, fast-changing world.

We work with cross-sector change makers and social entrepreneurs, social and humanitarian organizations, disadvantaged populations, volunteers, educators, communities and the business sector. We consider what we do to be the regeneration of human connection.

  • Community, Networks
  • 2017
  • Intentional Projects
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Photo: Be-incO

Project information

Bioregional Learning Centre

The Bioregional Learning Centre sits amongst a network of local people and organisations in South Devon where community innovation, local economics, and regeneration of place is already happening.

Our work is aimed at increasing the scale, pace and efficacy required to make this happen.

The region has the potential to become a centre of excellence in the UK, known for examples where we have changed our relationships with food, water, energy, soil, waste, ecology and economy, seen over time as an interrelated system.

We build partnerships and work in collaborative project teams to design and implement solutions to regional wellbeing and sustainability. Using best practice techniques for creative engagement we organise design days, get projects off the ground, hold the whole picture, connect people to each other and people to place.

  • Networks
  • 2017
  • Intentional Projects
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Photo: Bioregional Learning Centre

Project information

Calderdale Bootstrap

Calderdale Bootstrap is a group of social entrepreneurs, co-operators, activists and changemakers, looking to engage our community in the upper Calder Valley to co-create our next economy.

We aim to build on the history of mutual self-help in our valley; work with our existing social enterprise and take it up a gear. We will inspire and directly support the next generation of enterprises to help create a more vibrant and more resilient solidarity economy, with real livelihoods, community commonwealth, and the ability to thrive in the challenging times ahead as the current economic system unravels.

Another Economy is Possible.

  • Community
  • 2017
  • Intentional Projects
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Photo: Calderdale Bootstrap

Project information

Communities in Transition – Tackling fuel poverty

In Hungary and the rest of Europe Roma people are one of the largest and most discriminated minorities and predominantly live in extreme poverty, geographically segregated.

Among many hardships poor housing conditions and lack of adequate heating during winter are some of the largest difficulties they face.

Eco-solutions can be cost effective and achievable with local resources and hence crucial for families with unpredictable incomes. Unfortunately few technological solutions are designed specifically for people living in extreme poverty in Europe.

Our work challenges this; we are developing affordable and efficient stoves, insulation and fuel programs in collaboration with local communities.

  • Community, Energy
  • 2017
  • Intentional Projects
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Photo: Communities in Transition – Tackling fuel poverty

Project information

European Agroecology Learning and Training Network

The European Agroecology Learning and Training Network is a project with social transformation at its core.

Our aim is to connect peasants and new farmers around Europe so as to promote the exchange of existing peasant knowledge and best practices in the field of Agroecology.

Peer-to-peer knowledge exchange will increase the autonomy of peasants in regard to conventional agricultural methods and will promote the agro-ecological method that restores the ecosystem, favours biodiversity, society and culture.

Creating a horizontal exchange will also strengthen solidarity within peasant communities, as well as with other social groups.

To achieve our objectives, we are working to create an online platform and to set up regular training and learning initiatives.

  • Food
  • 2017
  • Intentional Projects
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Photo: European Agroecology Learning and Training Network

Project information

Food Forest International Research Network

Forest gardens or food forests are a promising method of growing food in small spaces, and have potential to feed populations in urban and rural areas across the world.

We are conducting the first grassroots international survey of forest gardens. During the International Permaculture Convergence 2017 in Hyderabad we want to bring together practitioners from around the world with leading forest gardeners from India, where many of the best established examples are located.

Both before and after the event participants will travel to forest garden sites in order to study and document them for out international baseline survey.

  • Food, Networks
  • 2017
  • Intentional Projects
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Photo: Food Forest International Research Network

Project information


In Cajamarca, a traditional rural village, AngloGold Ashanti is planning to build an open-pit gold mine. This mining project threatens both Cajamarca’s fragile ecosystems, like its cloud forests and páramo areas, and the human rights of local habitants.

By formalising community-run water aqueducts, this project, lead by a youth collective, aims to protect the right to and the community management of water supplies. As a result, possible appropriation and contamination by mining activities will be avoided.

This project protects and regenerates Cajamarca’s ecosystems through participatory monitoring methods that allow the community members to independently monitor the quality of water supplies.

  • Community, Water
  • 2017
  • Intentional Projects
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Project information

Initiative Re_

Initiative Re_ is nomadic. During each collaborative project our team will live alongside remote communities and work in-situ.

Being based locally will enable us to facilitate the development of local skill bases through workshops, training and practical action for ecosystem-based landscape planning, design and management to ensure continued innovation of site specific solutions from within the community itself.

With an emphasis on dryland regeneration we intend our pilot project to be based in Iran within the Chaharmahal Bakhtiari tribal territories. 

We will utilise holistic, integrated methods for mitigation and adaptation to climate change, ecosystem function regeneration, habitat creation, biodiversity protection, community empowerment and sustainable livelihood creation.

  • Landscapes
  • 2017
  • Intentional Projects
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Photo: Initiative Re_

Project information

International Permaculture Education Network (IPEN)

The International Permaculture Education Network (IPEN) is a collaborative group of experienced permaculture educators from across the globe.

Our aims are to increase the coherence and effectiveness of permaculture education globally, to significantly expand permaculture’s positive impacts globally; and to work alongside permaculture’s international research network (PIRN).

To achieve this we will:

  • Identify and/or develop Permaculture education resources for a range of languages and cultures
  • Develop and strengthen new and existing core/specialist courses
  • Support and connect regional and national groups and teacher networks so they can develop their own resources and capabilities


  • Networks
  • 2017
  • Intentional Projects
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Photo: International Permaculture Education Network (IPEN)

Project information

One Planet Productions

One Planet Productions is a think and do tank based in rural Greece.

We’re on a mission to transform a fertile bioregion of Evia into a leading European hub for regenerative agriculture and applied social and solidarity economics. We do this by sparking the creativity of local Greek communities with support from a global talent network. Working together, we can demonstrate that a new regenerative economy is possible.

Active startups include a destination marketing organisation called Transform Evia and a collaborative trade network called Origin Club. We’re currently developing a distributed research farm called Elysion Fields, launching in 2018.

  • Community, Food, Networks
  • 2017
  • Intentional Projects
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Photo: One Planet Productions

Project information

Permaculture Green World

Permaculture Green World (PGW) promotes permaculture principals and ethics in Ivory Cost (Côte d’Ivoire).

What we do is:

  1. Organize awareness creation and sensitizations on permaculture principals and ethics to create new generations of people caring in a sustainable way for the earth, the people, the future and able to share their surplus.
  2. Organize workshops on trees plantation, organic farming, soap making and waste recycling for eco-environment.
  3. Encourage the creation of permaculture village savings and loan Associations to build a strong permaculture network to keep up and spread the sustainable life styles knowledge.
    We promote gender equality by encouraging girl’s education and vulnerable people rights, like widows and orphans.
  • Community, Food, Landscapes
  • 2017
  • Intentional Projects
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Photo: Permaculture Green World

Project information

  • French, English
  • 06 BP 361 Abidjan 06, Abidjan, Region of Lagunas, IVORY COAST (COTE D’IVOIRE)


This project aims to provoke, engender and sustain exchange and collaboration among practitioners with diverse identities, to develop remixed forms of performance, activism and scholarship.

Remixed forms build on the potentials inherent in divergences and convergences within the diasporas of the UK, to stimulate collective learning and innovation in diverse spaces: (sub)urban and rural.

Focus will be on activities that defy recent authoritarian moves to stigmatize people and build walls on the basis of cultural differences of gender, ethnicity, sexuality and religion. Avenues of performance, activism and scholarship being considered include food journeys and regenerative practice in socio-ecological spaces.

  • Networks
  • 2017
  • Intentional Projects
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Photo: Remix

Project information

  • English
  • 12 St Johns Terrace, Lewes, East Sussex, BN7 2DL, United Kingdom

Other nominations





  • Kofler Kali
  • Library of Things Vienna
  • The Vienna House of Civil Society





  • Community Schools for Good Living
  • PermaculturAndina





  • Save The Earth – Children’s illustrated book



  • Education for ecological preservation at the “Guacamaya shelter”


Cote d’Ivoire


Democratic Republic of Congo















  • Cooperativa Integral Productos del Bosque R.L.







  • Bí Gaelach



  • cimarket



  • Centro Antiviolenza “MARIE Anne Erize”
  • Hexagro Urban Farming
  • Songlines
  • The Educational Permaculture Garden



  • Green communities
  • Project Sunny Side Up
  • The young Entrepreneurs and Conservation Group



  • Sustainable Living Solutions



  • Playa Viva
  • Psitacidos Mexicanos A.C.
  • Rancho La Union



  • DMNN (Delhyn Mongol Nogon Negdel)



  • Eloolo Permaculture Initiative



  • Chay Ya Nepal
  • World Mobilization



  • Place To Be
  • The Tipping Point Foundation



  • Community Development Advocacy Foundation (CODAF)



  • ModulusTech



  • Keja Carabao Dairy Products
  • ScrapMoney Project
  • Sustainably Farmed Insect Cuisine
  • Wiko Particle Board and Frame



  • Kopacze Diggers



  • eCoLab software



  • Permaculture Retreat Centre



  • ForestEcoModel



  • Introduction and Promotion of Vermiculture in Rwanda



  • Le Coucher du Soleil
  • art.oarsis bortanic jardin


South Africa

  • The Nomadic Permaculture Project



  • Ecodharma Iberia
  • Ecotxe Som Moviment
  • Facilitadoras Descalzas
  • GrowApp
  • L’abella Lliure (The Free Bee Project)
  • Proyecta Valencia
  • Smart Floating Farms (SFF)
  • Youth in Permaculture



  • bildungsbaum



  • Aders Duiker Conservation
  • Kisiwa cha Watoto non-governmental organisation



  • Permaculture Children’s House





Trinidad & Tobago

  • Nomad Gayap



  • Block Gardens Africa
  • Fruiti-Cycle Limited
  • Innovative Youth with Actin Uganda (IYAU)
  • Karambi Group of People with Disabilities
  • Network for Sustainable Development
  • YICEUganda



  • Active 360
  • Bread&Soup (B&S) Making Open Day
  • Eden Mylk
  • Global Gardens Project
  • Groundwork East
  • Growing Minds
  • Inspire Inc.
  • LandBase
  • Nyéléni Development Trust
  • Propagate (Scotland) CIC
  • Rewilding Britain
  • Sewing Café Lancaster
  • The Gaia Foundation (Gaia)
  • The National Forest Gardening Scheme (NFGS)
  • Where stuff comes from
  • Yoga and Nature in Community


United Arab Emirates

  • Ration The Fashion



  • Graneros Flats Watershed Project
  • Kaïra Kunda
  • Kulisha
  • Marion Farms Botanical Sanctuary
  • Ocean State Organics
  • Regenerative IDEA (Innovation District for Environment and Affordability) dba of Anergy Inc.
  • The Climate Egalitarianism Initiative



  • Africa Fruits
  • Centre for Environmental Governance
  • MoringaVitality
  • Plant culture
  • Repair Earth Projects