The Ethos Fellowship at Permaculture Education Institute

The Permaculture Education Institute, established in 2018 and based in Australia, teaches permaculture teachers on 6 continents.

It is dedicated to supporting the myceliation of permaculture educators globally as a form of climate activism, regeneration and building of robust and resilient communities.

The Ethos Fellowship is a free program connecting young ecological-[pr]activists from around the world (including from refugee camps) with leading ecological scholar-activists such as Fritjof Capra, Nora Bateson, Jeremy Lent, Helena Norberg-Hodge & others. It is a ‘eco-university without walls’ with youth from Zanzibar to Pune, Ukraine to Australia.

For the Permaculture Education Institute, the very heart of regeneration is a shift in thinking to an ecological paradigm. This requires the opening of discussions and contexts that make way for a different type of conversation to happen, different forms of education to be experienced, a global community of practice to be created, new kinds of leaders who can help to breathe life into new ways of living regeneratively.

The Ethos Fellowship is an opportunity for youth aged 15-25 to be part of this change-making, to ask deep questions, to invite elders that inspire them, to collaborate on projects, unpack concepts, decolonise their minds, and form lifelong friendships and partnerships with their cohort and mentors. The cross-cultural exchange and mutual learning is transformative.

  • 2023
  • Influence Award
Photo: The Ethos Fellowship at Permaculture Education Institute

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