1. Permayouth

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    Permayouth recognises the multiple crises we face globally and consciously creates places for youth to connect and learn the thinking and skills required for one-planet living and regeneration, and celebrate this emerging culture.

    Since its origins with the 2019 Climate Marches and Extinction Rebellion actions, Permayouth has grown from a youth-led permaculture learning community into a global movement connecting and inspiring young people (and their allies) on six continents, talking with politicians, influencers, authors, scientists, celebrities and community leaders around the world. Members are diverse – from cities to refugee settlements, ecovillages to Indian Reservations in the Global South and North.

    Permayouth are determined that youth have access to permaculture education, be supported to create localised responses, and be part of reimagining the future through a permaculture lens. Permayouth offers: monthly festivals, arts programmes, meet-ups, workshops, a global community platform and podcast, regional chapters and local hubs amongst other things. They have fundraised for over 300 refugee youths to receive Permaculture Certificates, seeds and tools.

  2. Danjoo Koorliny Walking Together

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    Danjoo Koorliny Walking Together is an Aboriginal-led, large-scale, long-term systems-change project helping us walk together as Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people towards 2029 (200 years of colonisation in Western Australia) and beyond, be it in Western Australia, Australia or globally.

    Through this, we can all become better ‘Carers of Everything’, which includes caring for ecological, social, spiritual-cultural and economic life.

    In 2019 four Noongar leaders came together and chose the Centre for Social Impact at the University of Western Australia as the host organisation for the project. Since then, Danjoo Koorliny has held large-scale public engagement activities (festivals; story, song, dance and art events; symposia related to themes such as fire, land and waterways, etc.), as well as high-level senior leadership engagement and alignment across sectors. Research has begun; documentation collated and shared; relationships forged; and processes and protocols established for the next nine years.

    Danjoo Koorliny is a unique process for how we can walk together and co-create a better future, based on and led by the wisdom of more than 80,000 years of how to live regeneratively on this planet.

  3. PermaQueer

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    PermaQueer focusses on community resilience in alignment with environmental resilience. Established in March 2020 as Covid hit Naarm, Australia, founders Toad and Guy realised the resilience in their Permaculture transition home and noticed Lgbtqia & Bipoc friends in contemporary living arrangements suffering. They realised the power of being embedded in food networks, and systems based in community bartering and economy and social welfare.

    PermaQueer started online introductions to Permaculture for friends, which spread amongst the queer community like wildfire. They offer free and pay-as-you-feel courses teaching ecological foundations, permaculture, social justice, decolonisation, trauma & neurodivergent informed systems based on building community resilience globally. Additionally, they held a 3 day TEDx symposium.

    Their community education unpacks systems of consumerism, white supremacy and colonial binaries to restructure communal systems of resilience. They are collaborating on a decolonising and re-indigenizing cell for the global permaculture movement with @LiberationPermaculture. PermaQueer are currently working with international partners to develop fair and resilient ecologically-informed ways of relating. They hope to manifest these systems into co-housing villages, food systems, cultural capacity training and regenerative restoration programs.

  4. Rosemary Morrow (Blue Mountains Permaculture Institute)

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    BMPI was founded to enable people otherwise excluded from recognition in the global Permaculture world to learn, be seen and heard. BMPI meets the needs for non-formal permaculture community education.

    Rosemary wrote the Earth User’s Guide to Permaculture, the Teacher’s, and the Training of Teacher’s, manuals to establish quality, consistency and ‘care of people’. Locally, BMPI held two Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC) courses, one teacher training and other short courses. Free places were given to young people and refugees. It also supports other permaculture organisations in Australia such as Milkwood.

    Overseas, several months a year, Rosemary teaches PDCs and teacher training with a deep commitment to people’s rights to access permaculture strategies, identify future problems and work on local short and long term solutions.

  5. Tropical Permaculture Guidebook

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    The Tropical Permaculture Guidebook International Edition is being developed by East Timorese NGO Permatil, xpand Foundation and Disruptive Media.

    It can rapidly expand and accelerate the understanding and application of practical permaculture on a global basis, especially in tropical regions. Designed as a training, programme and project base for a wide range of organisations, its use will improve the results of all permaculture/non-permaculture projects and is a complete tool for farmers and communities.

    2000+ instructional illustrations ensures easy comprehension, the information is created for and accessible to the most vulnerable, and proven through practice.