1. Apthapi Comunidades del Vivir Bien

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    Apthapi Comunidades del Vivir Bien believes that we live in a time of imbalance between human beings, and between the latter and nature, such that our very existence is in danger.

    It suggests that we need to regenerate and restore ways in which we can relate and coexist for greater natural and social equilibrium.

    This gave birth to the idea of creating a space where it can teach and show that Vivir Bien (living well) is possible; a space where it can raise new generations that learn to respect and care for a more balanced way of life, known as the “Escuela del Vivir Bien” (School of living well).

    The School is a new initiative of four organisations that are combining their experiences: Flor de Leche, Inti Phajsi, Casa Espejo and Wayna Tambo, and is carried out in the districts of Achocalla, El Alto and La Paz in Bolivia.

    It will be used by groups of people organised under a collective, institution or association that can learn and then implement the proposed curriculum in their territories.

  2. Terrena, Cocreating with Nature

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    Being part of small-scale organic agriculture grass-roots organizations, the founder of Terrena realized that Bolivia has no access to organic seeds. The tradition of seed guarding is slowly disappearing. So a community seed bank was started.

    Terrena gathered, cleaned, and kept seeds, and made them available to farmers communities through exchange. It saw a need for organic seed suppliers, and more structured and professional seed guarding, so producers can access high quality organic seeds.

    It is running a pilot with three farmers, to establish three small seed gardens to produce nine different types of organic vegetable seeds. As it runs this pilot, it is developing a system that will train producers on the technical and management skills needed to organize a Bolivian organic seed guardian cooperative.