1. Protect the Future Association/ApPró Tech

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    Protect the Future, founded in 2000, has been a formative environmental NGO in Hungary. It functions as an incubator for projects which promote citizens’ participation in all levels and creative action on environmental issues, food sovereignty and small-scale energy initiatives. In 2013 it established the Transition Communities project which is now an active network of 30+ grass-roots community initiatives in Hungary.

    ApPró Tech was set up to tackle fuel poverty and winter heating in rural, and mostly Roma, communities who use wood-fired systems. The project works collaboratively with the communities to help people build efficient masonry heaters for their homes with a process that also promotes social cohesion.

  2. Communities in Transition – Tackling fuel poverty

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    In Hungary and the rest of Europe Roma people are one of the largest and most discriminated minorities and predominantly live in extreme poverty, geographically segregated.

    Among many hardships poor housing conditions and lack of adequate heating during winter are some of the largest difficulties they face.

    Eco-solutions can be cost effective and achievable with local resources and hence crucial for families with unpredictable incomes. Unfortunately few technological solutions are designed specifically for people living in extreme poverty in Europe.

    Our work challenges this; we are developing affordable and efficient stoves, insulation and fuel programs in collaboration with local communities.