1. Sfruttazero (Diritti a Sud)

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    ‘Sfruttazero’ (‘Zero exploitation’) is a natural tomato sauce that is grown using agro-ecological farming methods. It’s produced by DaS in collaboration with the Association Solidaria in Bari and has resulted in job contracts for 25 people (including unemployed Italians and African migrants). A proportion of sales from Sfruttazero goes towards a fund for supporting the struggle of migrants that still live in Southern Italy’s ghettos.

    Diritti a Sud (DaS) is an Italian association comprised of people from different generations, social and cultural backgrounds. Its core philosophy is ‘Think Global Act Local’. DaS promotes a multicultural society through encouraging the meeting and exchange of different cultures – such as through cooking lessons, living libraries, a free Italian language school for migrants, and other public event.

    The idea of Sfruttazero is to change the system with a direct alternative. Sfruttazero shows that another kind of work is possible – work that respects nature and promotes human and workers’ rights in the local community.

  2. Laboratorio Sicilia 2030

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    In this crucial time of climate, environmental, social and economic crises, Sicily is struggling to find an encompassing vision, to break free from widespread inertia and resignation, and align itself with its values.

    The idea of Laboratorio Sicilia 2030 is to actively support individuals and organizations in Sicily to regenerate and grow sustainably following the UN 2030 Agenda. It is choosing to unite many often uncoordinated local initiatives in Sicily under the inclusive and organizing purpose of the Sustainable Development Goals.

    It wants to collaborate with all sectors of society and facilitate multi-stakeholder collaborations.
    For Laboratorio Sicilia, the time has come to enter into an era of shared responsibility and learning, co-creating a laboratory of solutions for planetary health and the benefit of all.