1. Eco Ruralis

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    Peasant men and women are the central pillars of agroecological food and seed production in Eastern Europe.

    We will facilitate access to knowledge sharing and cooperation within the region, especially for peasant women as they have a leading role in seed saving. The project will empower them to connect through working groups, elevating their role in building sovereignty through common stewardship of seeds and other natural resources.

    Through the project, we will facilitate leadership building through meetings and will produce materials, publications and facilities for the renewal of their community seed base and operations.

  2. Mining Watch Romania

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    Mining Watch Romania is a monitoring network designed to organise civil society and local community actions on proposed mining projects in Romania.

    Canadian mining company Eldorado Gold plans to open Romania’s first open-pit gold mine and desperately needs permits to advance their Certej project.

    If ever realized, the Certej mining project would gravely infringe on local population’s fundamental rights to a clean environment and water resources.

    It would also put an end to the naturally occurring regeneration of this historic mining region.

    The unpolluted rivers of Certej and its 180 hectares of protected forests are now the main target of Eldorado.

    Solid legal arguments and strategic actions would help protect them and prevent their irreversible destruction.