1. NGO Permaculture Ukraine

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    NGO Permaculture Ukraine was founded in October 2013. The mission of the organisation is to promote environmentally friendly agriculture, green energy and a healthy lifestyle, to protect natural and cultural heritage, and to support unprotected groups and the development of self-sufficient communities.

    It does this by using the instruments of permaculture to solve actual environmental, economic and social problems. A key aspect of this is the establishment and support of small farms, stimulating the activity of local communities and regional development through strengthening connections.

    NGO Permaculture Ukraine has run and organised a number of Permaculture Design Courses (PDC) and national permaculture convergences, as well as national and international conferences.

    They have also translated key resources into Ukrainian to improve accessibility and understanding of permaculture practices in the Ukraine. Courses and resources are also offered free to internally displaced persons.

  2. Permaculture in Ukraine

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    PERMACULTURE IN UKRAINE was founded in October 2013 with the aims of: promoting agroecology; protecting the environment & cultural heritage; developing ecovillages, transitional towns & bioregions; supporting unprotected groups of the population.

    Since 2013 it has organized a number of events in different regions of the Ukraine; has created a certified permaculture design course which is free for internally displaced persons from the occupied territories of Ukraine, and has translated permaculture materials into Ukrainian.

    In June 2017 it organized an international conference “Permaculture for Farms” in Hungary which gathered 50 participants from five countries. Its next step is to establish a Network of Permaculture Education and Demonstration Centres in Ukraine.