AAQ – Agentes Agroflorestais Quilombolas (Quilombolas Agroforestry Agents)


This project wants to recover the ciliary forest (water-bordering vegetation) of the Igarape Simauma, in the Quilombola territory St. Rosa dos Pretos, through the planting of native trees. Its other aim is to collectively develop an agroforestry system in close dialogue with subsistence farming practitioners of the Quilombo.

As a result of the arrival of a mining company and the reduction of region’s productive areas, its identified serious problems, such as deforestation, silting in rivers and streams, and lack of water. It was from this diagnosis and discussion within the community that its created the collective Quilombola Agroforestry Agents on June 5th 2017, formed by 20 young quilombolas.

  • 2018
  • Intentional Projects