ARCAH ‘The Association of Rescue of Citizenship Through Affection Towards Humanity’ – was founded in 2013 by a group of young people from the city of São Paulo that wanted to act at the root cause of homelessness, poverty and scarcity in urban centers.

After years of taking food and clothing to people living in the streets, the group decided to act at another level, bringing permaculture and other abundant based concepts to help create permanent change.

ARCAH is now building a new farm near the city, to rescue and shelter more homeless people, and creating new urban farms in downtown São Paulo, turning public and private spaces into organic permaculture farming spots inside the city.

ARCAH’s future plans is to expand both urban and rural farms, so that people that suffer the most from lack of employment, resources and quality of life can change their destiny into an abundant one.

  • 2017
  • Young Projects


  • Portuguese
  • Rua Francisco Dias Velho, 1008, São Paulo, São Paulo 04581-001, Brazil