ARD Agriculture and Research Development

ARD Agriculture and Research Development is an agricultural company dedicated to promoting Regenerative Agriculture and Ecological Awareness in Jordan, founded in 2020.

The project began with the design of a profitable model of Regenerative Agriculture Farming in the farm so it stands as a model in Jordan. In addition, they established a centre to host activities (workshops, training and residencies) to involve the community. The site provides accommodation, tools and equipment, and they want to collaborate with locals, universities, research institutes and cultural centres and promote cross-sector cooperation to stand as an incubation hub for local green projects.

ARD wants to collect the data along the way and build a platform for research and development in the field of Regenerative Agriculture and Ecology in both English and Arabic to promote its practice in Jordan and the region. In 5 years they see ARD becoming a physical hub for learning regenerative practices in the Region and a prolific online platform.

  • 2021
  • Intentional Projects
Photo: ARD Agriculture and Research Development