Climate Smart Training Programme

The climate crisis and deforestation have had massive negative impacts on smallholder farmers in the savannah region of Ghana, threatening to destroy their livelihoods, communities and environment. The Climate Smart Training Programme was created to address these issues.

Its main activities are:
1. Re-forestation through FMNR (Farmer Managed Natural Regeneration) of trees and native tree-planting;
2. Training and resources to help farmers transition to more climate-resilient, and ecological agroforestry methods; and
3. Training and resources to stop deforestation by using locally made rocket stoves.

Through hands-on training, they share knowledge and techniques, and provide resource materials. Farmers learn why climate change is happening, why trees are so important, and how their actions can be part of the solution. They also uses traditional storytelling methods highlighting Indigenous knowledge, and have created an illustrated storybook and how-to manual.

The project now has over 100 Farmer-Trainers teaching thousands of farmers. It has also selected five lead farmers to pilot its first five rural tree nurseries in 2020.

  • 2021
  • Young Projects
Photo: Climate Smart Training Programme