Eco House Global

Eco House Global is an Action for Sustainability non-profit organization whose main objective is to promote sustainable development through education, politics, communication, consultancy, ecological restoration and volunteering.

The organization consists of 12 internal Departments, each of which plan, develop and execute a variety of socio-environmental Programs.Eco Global House aims to make the world a better place through small actions that, when multiplied, make a huge difference.

Eco House Global’s work ranges from international, national, and local, and achievements/work so far include:

  • Running over 40 ongoing programs
  • Having one of the country’s largest NGO volunteer networks
  • Having over 20 full time employees
  • Being recognised by the United Nations as Youth Leaders in Development for the International Community
  • Being named an organisation of “Environmental Interest” by the Argentine National Congress.
  • Organising debates and public hearings
  • Teaching journalists, politicians, and other governmental officials about the climate crisis.
  • Having 12 departments, including departments that help with reforestation, consulting, education in local schools, and more.
  • 2023
  • Influence Award
Photo: Eco House Global