ECOLISE was established in 2014 to facilitate closer collaboration between community-led initiatives for action on climate change and sustainability. By focusing on citizen engagement in community-led action, the network aims to support the transition to a regenerative society and economy.

ECOLISE facilitates a collaborative platform for knowledge sharing and developing awareness of existing initiatives. It also advocates for policy development that will nurture, not hinder, grassroots, community-led action.

ECOLISE currently has 43 member organisations based in 18 countries. Members include international networks of community-led initiatives, such as the Transition Network, the Global Ecovillage Network and the Permaculture movement, as well as other local and regional networks such as ICLEI.

Flagship projects include: the European Day of Sustainable Communities; the Knowledge Commons, which encompasses the ECOLISE wiki; and the Sustainable Communities Programme, which works to create an enabling environment for community-led action. Through these activities, ECOLISE aims to support systemic change.

  • 2019
  • Influence Award