Extinction Rebellion Youth Solidarity

Extinction Rebellion Youth Solidarity fights for liberation as a youth-led environmental group actively practising solidarity. They resist white supremacy, heteropatriarchal dominance, imperialism, speciesism and all forms of oppression, in solidarity with Indigenous and local communities.

The group has emerged through working together for a youth mobilisation based on solidarity. They have created actions, events and campaigns: their work is their answer to the question of how to live and resist well, while taking on the journey of unlearning oppressive mindsets and learning how to embody non-violence.

Spaces and sparks created include:

  • Exploring decolonisation in Education and Environmentalism with grassroots educators and Maasai leaders
  • Collaborated on a 5-day educational event at Imperial College London, calling to Decolonise, Decarbonise, and Democratise.
  • Influenced landmark judicial land rights case in Brasil supporting Guaranì Mbya community, organizing an open letter to the judge.
  • Produced and disseminated Climate Crisis is a Racist Crisis within XR UK.
  • Organized The Future of Conservation: COP26 and Beyond, involving 5 Indigenous and local-community leaders from Africa and Abya Yala.
  • 2021
  • Influence Award