Guaracy is about agriculture and the empowerment of rural youth. It focuses on the production of sustainable food products through syntropic agriculture (planting like nature does in the forest).

It connects the producer to the organic marketplace and provides socioeconomic opportunities for the new generation of rural youth in agriculture. Its business plan starts with consultancy services and short courses to strengthen the trend of urban agriculture and agro-ecology, followed by the production of healthy food products.

It wants to welcome eco-tourism and agro-tourism. Guaracy offers hope of living with dignity, overcoming the poverty and marginalisation trap that landless groups have to deal with.

  • 2018
  • Intentional Projects


  • Portuguese, English
  • Landless Workers' Movement rural settlement Ho Chi Minh | Assentamento do Movimento Sem Terra - MST Ho Chi Minh
    Nova União
    Minas Gerais