Nourish All

The Nourish All organisation is based in Hawai’i but works globally, with a special focus in the Rwamwanja settlement in western Uganda.

The organisation’s work is rooted in the permaculture principles of people care, earth care, and fair share. Its guiding vision is nourished, resilient, connected communities, made possible through the power of food. Its latest initiative ‘Change the Paradigm’ seeks to transform the way that knowledge is shared while building food security and livelihoods for refugees.

Through its collaboration with existing local permaculturists and activists, Nourish All recognised the need and opportunity for dried food products in Rwamwanja, coupled with the opportunity to spread knowledge. It seeks to develop a project which elevates refugee leaders, demonstrates what is possible with limited resources, and shift our collective perspective of who we see as experts.

As such Nourish All aims to:

  • Develop a line of solar-dried value-added food products, owned by refugees
  • Build an online educational platform

The line of dried food products will begin by establishing a co-op, which sells naturally dried products like mushrooms and jackfruit.

The online platform will spotlight educators and practitioners in the Global South, in under-resourced and often overlooked environments such as refugee camps, and help spread their wisdom to the Global North. It will cover permaculture and food cultivation, but specialise in training on solar-dried value-added products. It will begin by sharing trainings by Bemeriki from Rwamwanja Rural Foundation, a resident refugee permaculturist.

  • 2023
  • Intentional Projects
Photo: Nourish All