Perfect Village Communities (PVC)

Perfect Village Communities is a social enterprise based in Burundi, working especially in rural communities. It was founded in 2020 by a nurse who noticed the direct impact of environmental degradation on the community’s health, as people struggled to meet the cost of healthcare.

PVC’s vision is a healthy planet for a healthy community. It wants to empower people to regain a sense of pride in the community which stimulates a desire to care for and protect rural culture and the environment. It seeks to heal people’s health via environmental and agroecological education, through activities tackling hunger and poverty.

PVC works to ensure every member of the community is empowered with skills to become self-sufficient and employable, to manage projects and social enterprises, to train others, to connect with the international network, to revive their traditional medicine and to strengthen the social bonding through sharing abundant food instead of the current burden of hunger and poverty.

It has already:

  • Produced and planted 500,000 diverse seedlings and trees (including indigenous, medical and crop species)
  • Regenerated 5,000 ha farmland and mountains drawing utilising permaculture and agroecology.
  • Successfully partnered with various local organisations to create 3,000 new jobs and offer health services to 12,000 patients.
  • 2023
  • Young Projects
Photo: Perfect Village Communities (PVC)