Founded in 2014, Schools and Colleges Permaculture Programme (SCOPE Kenya), is a local capacity building & networking development organisation, that promotes permaculture/agroecology education, in schools & communities.

They do this to nurture youth in sustainable land use practices, to enhance restoration & resilience of the ecosystem for food production, income generation & biodiversity conservation, to benefit the current & future generations. They integrate young people in and out of school, in matters of sustainable development and natural resources management, by connecting them with nature and culture.

They use a holistic development approach, which involves working with pupils, teachers, parents, local leaders & surrounding communities, Integrated Land Use Design tools, to redesign and facilitate transformation of degraded land into, greener productive landscapes, with conservation systems, using permaculture/agroecology practices.

Their achievements include introduced their process in 16 schools, training 20 field staff and 27 school teachers in permaculture/agroecology, facilitated the establishment of 12 permaculture model schools to enable them to produce healthy food to support own feeding programs, development of agroecology training guide for use by field staff, to nurture young people.

  • 2021
  • Youth In Permaculture Award