Tribes and Natures Defenders Inc.

Tribes and Natures Defenders Inc was founded in 2007 and is based in the Philippines. The organisation is comprised of local indigenous people and embeds the teaching of the elders.

It works to protect existing rainforest, restore the degraded mountains in the tribal communities, preserve ancient wisdom and empower young people to become the next eco-warriors for the future generations.

It works towards community, spiritual, cultural, economic and environmental regeneration, drawing on elder knowledge to fully grasp the essence of the holistic approach in protecting humanity and nature.

The organisation’s projects exist to benefit the tribal members as well as the wider ecosystem and has focused on:

  • Food security
  • Wildlife protection
  • Peace and nature connectivity training
  • Preservation of ancient cultures.

It also prioritises economic aspects of tribal communities because it believes that the economic development of communities is key to stopping the destruction of the mother earth, and preventing the arrival of capitalist mining and logging.

  • 2023
  • Ancient and Indigenous Wisdom Award
Photo: Tribes and Natures Defenders Inc.