North American Agroecology Conference Project

Our project culminates in a conference on agroecology in North America. But this will be no typical academic conference.

We will first conduct dozens of workshop-consultations with frontline communities who are implicated in agroecology, such as small/young/ecological farmers, urban food justice activists, farmworkers, and indigenous people.

The workshop process will integrate the global history and science/movement/practice of agroecology and the experiences of attendees, while the consultation will shape the goals, content, and organizational framework of the conference.

After this grounding of agroecology in the North American context, nonprofits, scientists, and policy-makers will then become involved in the conference organizing and conference itself.

  • 2017
  • Influence Award
Photo: North American Agroecology Conference Project

Información sobre el proyecto

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  • Center for the Study of the Americas (CENSA) office, 2156 Jefferson Ave, Berkeley, California 94703, United States