Photo: Alysha

LUSH staff judge  Alysha has worked for Lush For the past four yearsf, and is currently the Training and Events Coordinator at Lush London City.

Alysha’s work for the company is aided by her passion for Lush’s ethics and values.

Alysha studied for a degree in International Relations and Sociology, specializing in a postcolonial understanding of current conflicts and international issues.

Putting this knowledge into practice, she worked with the British Red Cross to create a report that explored the barriers to women’s representation as volunteers in West and Central Africa.

I applied to be a judge of the Lush Spring Prize because, after so many years educating staff and the public on the shop floor about the ethical ethos of Lush, I wanted to see behind the scenes. I wanted to get involved in recognizing the work of groups that are working so hard to make change in the world.