Darcy Hammond

Photo: Darcy Hammond

LUSH customer judge (Lush selects one customer to act as an additional independent member of the judging panel).

Darcy is a 14 year old from Australia and is part of the Australian Youth Climate Coalition that aims to empower youth to speak out about climate change and climate justice, and let politicians and big companies know that there are young people out there that want change for our future.

She’s also part of the seed program, www.seedmob.org.au, which is all about aboriginal youth, like Darcy, fighting for a sustainable, renewable and just future.

They fight against fracking in the northern territory and for land rights not mining rights, amongst other things.

I applied to be a customer judge for the Lush Spring Prize because I wanted other young people to see what I’m doing and know that it’s possible and to fight for what you believe in.