Dr Fassil Gebeyehu Yelemtu

Photo: Dr Fassil Gebeyehu Yelemtu

Judge for the Ancient & Indigenous Wisdom Award.

Fassil is a conservationist, a social anthropologist and is currently the General Coordinator of the African Biodiversity Network (ABN).

ABN was initiated in 1996 by a loose grouping of individuals concerned with promoting and protecting African bio and cultural diversity.

It is now a network with more than 25 partners ranging from small community-based organisations to non-government organisations and works with strategic partners and alliances from 25 African countries, Spain, UK, Colombia, India, Brazil and Europe.

ABN enables Africans to voice their views on issues such as genetic engineering, agro-ecology/ biodiversity, biodiversity protection, mining and the rights of small farmers. It does this by providing network partners with technical and strategic support.

Fassil is trained as a trainer of community mobilisation and has experience of a range of related techniques, including Participatory Rural appraisal, community dialogue, community ecological map and inter-generational learning.