Francis Shomet Olenaing’isa – Ancient & Indigenous Wisdom Award

Photo: Francis Shomet Olenaing’isa – Ancient & Indigenous Wisdom Award

Francis Shomet Olenaing’isa is from the Maasai indigenous community in Ngorongor district which is situated in the world famous Serengeti Ecosystem.

Born 1st January 1956 in the now Serengeti national park, Francis is now a rural social development specialist and expert; having worked in the field among the rural maasai communities for over 39 years on programs which were financed by Austrian and Belgian governments respectively.

Francis is a cofounder of the first maasai NGO (founded in 1991), which set in motion the empowerment of the maassi to fend for their rights as well as endogenous development situated within the Nassau cultural system.

He is one of the cofounders and directors of a Pan African indigenous organization called Pan-African Living cultures Alliance which seeks to create a space for African indigenous communities to meet and develop collective strategies to address issues decolonization of cultural spaces and climate and livelihood challenges.