Kerexu Yxapyry – Ancient & Indigenous Wisdom Award

Photo: Kerexu Yxapyry – Ancient & Indigenous Wisdom Award

Kerexy Yxapyry is a Mbya Guarani leader and the coordinator of the Guarani Yvyrupa Commission – an organization that acts in territorial defence of the Guarani people who live in the Atlantic Forest region southern and southeastern Brazil.

Kerexu Yxapyry is also one of the main female leaders of the National Articulation of Indigenous Peoples of Brazil (APIB), Brazil’s largest indigenous movement. In her trajectory, she has worked vigorously for the ratification of the Indigenous Land Morro dos Cavalos and in the field of education and environment.

She is an environmental manager who graduated from the UFSC (Federal University of Santa Catarina) and the founder of the Tataendy Rupa Training Center.