Pawana Crody

Photo: Pawana Crody

Judge for the Ancient & Indigenous Wisdom Award.

Pawana Crody Cacique Pajé Pawana is an indigenous leader of the Kariri Xocó Indigenous Territory of Porto Real do Colégio, Alagoas, Brazil, in the lower São Francisco River (called Opará by the indigenous people), where around 4,000 indigenous people live.

He promotes the culture of his ethnicity and leads the group Sabuká Kariri-Xocó, which uses Toré and sacred songs as a source of aggregation, rescue and ancestral healing.

Leading the process of retaking their lands, he has also carried out important work as director of the Sabuká Kariri-Xocó Indigenous Association and leader of the Sabuká Kariri-Xocó Cultural Centre.

He is the zealous father of 4 curumins (children), of various ages, who live alongside his struggle and work on a daily basis.