Precious Phiri

Photo: Precious Phiri

Judge for the Spring Prize Awards and Permaculture Magazine Award

Precious Phiri is a training and development specialist in regenerative agriculture issues, an educator of Holistic management and a seasoned community organizer from Zimbabwe. She is a founder of EarthWisdom and IGugu Trust in Zimbabwe where she continues to inspire change.

She recently co-authored a miniguide book on how to create whole landscapes and whole communities using regenerative agriculture. This book will be used in the agroecology training series in Southern Africa through a regional partner; Seed and Knowledge Initiative.

Precious is a steering committee member and African Coordinator for Regeneration International. Her work currently focuses on training, network and awareness building on regenerative agriculture and its role in rejuvenating soils, reversing climate change, rebuilding communities and replenishing the fast dilapidating wealth of society values. She is also involved in inspiring policy change in the African continent through regional networks.

We are in the era of regeneration rising, and now more than ever do we need enabling platforms that will make this incredible vision soar. LUSH Spring Prize is one of the winds beneath the great wings of the regeneration movement globally