Sarah Queblatin

Photo: Sarah Queblatin

Judge for the Spring Prize Awards and Ancient & Indigenous Wisdom Award.

Sarah Queblatin is a regenerative solutions designer – weaving experiences in environmental education, cultural heritage, peacebuilding, and humanitarian assistance.

Her life-long practice is in restoring and re-storying narratives of place and belonging through ecosystem restoration and leadership.

As part of this work she formed Green Releaf Initiative to support community leaders in response and in prevention of more disasters and displacement using permaculture design in the Philippines.

She co-designed REGEN NATIONS, a design lab on regeneration in Asia and the Pacific with the Global Ecovillage Network.

Sarah also crafted a proposal for Principle 0 – to formally acknowledge traditional ecological knowledge in permaculture.

She is a member of Re-Alliance and co-founder of Permaculture for Refugees.

Keeping to her path as a creative, she also founded Living Story Landscapes which harnesses cultural memory and imagination in climate and conflict vulnerable communities.