Tomás de Lara

Photo: Tomás de Lara

Judge for the Spring Prize Awards.

Tomás de Lara is the co-founder and co-lead at Ciudades+B / Cities CAN B – an international movement of citizens committed to the Sustainable Development Goals.

He is a board member of Sistema B Brasil (B Corps Movement); an advisory board member of CEBDS (Brazilian Business Council For Sustainable Development); a board member and chief sustainability officer at Estância do Chalé (Agribusiness located in the south of Brazil); and a co-founding curator of Rio de Janeiro and Porto Alegre’s Hubs of Global Shapers Community from the World Economic Forum.

Tomás is a Responsible Leader at BMW Foundation global network and a member of Well Being Economy Alliance (WE All).

He is a specialist on collaborative, circular and sustainable economies, and an invited speaker and teacher at many universities and schools on the topic of sustainable development.