Quinta Das Abelhas

Quinta Das Abelhas is a bee sanctuary, supported by water retention, soil health, reforestation and land regeneration strategies, on 12 hectares of land.

It will share ideas and education with others and invite thought leaders from diverse fields to teach from the land through events and workshops. It will develop the idea by inviting others to jointly own the land, and establish a formal charity and co-ownership structure.

In 5 years time there will be flowing water on the land, solar energy infrastructure for all requirements; a thriving bee population where the project re-distributes healthy bees to locals; biodiversity in trees, plants and insects; healthy soil, renovated ruins, natural round timber-framed homes and an 11-metre round house for training and celebration.

  • Community, Landscapes, Water
  • 2018
  • Intentional Projects
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Photo: Quinta Das Abelhas

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