CoRenewal has been at the forefront of developing innovative ecological solutions for over a decade, from supporting Indigenous communities impacted by oil spills in the Amazon, to catalyzing post-fire watershed defense mobilizations in California.

A nonprofit organization dedicated to preserving biodiversity and addressing the impacts of natural disasters and environmental pollution on both community and ecosystem health, they are bringing together grassroots bioremediation, rigorous scientific research and community skill-building.

By allying with fungi and other biological entities, their programs facilitate innovative research and implementation of community-led, nature-based remediation technologies.

For example, CoRenewal works with local community leaders to: document the impact of oil contamination on microbial communities and ecosystem functioning in order to support Indigenous communities and habitats in the Ecuadorian Amazon facing a toxic legacy left by Chevron/Texaco; and iteratively inform the development of bioremediation methods in the Amazon.

They likewise collaborate to examine the ability of native fungi and microbes to facilitate post-fire ecosystem regeneration via native microbial amendments.

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