Fambidzanai Permaculture Centre


Fambidzanai Permaculture Centre (FPC) was established in 1988 in Zimbabwe to pioneer climate sensitive multifunctional agriculture in the region such as permaculture, agroecology and other sustainable practices.

FPC interventions over the past 25 years have facilitated skills in and the expansion of: agroecology and certified organic farming, food security, value-addition and processing, and farmer agency consolidation.

FPC notable achievements include:

  • The diploma in Agroecology programme at FPC, which has begun training government staff on Agroecology and contributed to the development of agroecology policy in Zimbabwe;
  • Development of an Agroecology and Organic Farming Policy for proposed transformation of food systems for Zimbabwe.
  • The Renewable Energy Empowering Women Farmers project, which has empowered more than 12,000 direct and indirect beneficiaries.
  • Development of key institutions that foster the Permaculture gospel namely SCOPE, PELUM, NFN and AfFOREST.
  • Part of Zimbabwe Seed Sovereignty Program (ZSSP) that has influenced policy and raised awareness on conservation of heirloom seeds.
  • Development of niche agroecology literature and Master of Agroecology Farmer Guide Practices for specific regions in Zimbabwe;
  • Establishment of Zimbabwe Alliance for the Promotion and Practice of Agroecology (ZAPPA).
  • 2021
  • Influence Award