Permayouth recognises the multiple crises we face globally and consciously creates places for youth to connect and learn the thinking and skills required for one-planet living and regeneration, and celebrate this emerging culture.

Since its origins with the 2019 Climate Marches and Extinction Rebellion actions, Permayouth has grown from a youth-led permaculture learning community into a global movement connecting and inspiring young people (and their allies) on six continents, talking with politicians, influencers, authors, scientists, celebrities and community leaders around the world. Members are diverse – from cities to refugee settlements, ecovillages to Indian Reservations in the Global South and North.

Permayouth are determined that youth have access to permaculture education, be supported to create localised responses, and be part of reimagining the future through a permaculture lens. Permayouth offers: monthly festivals, arts programmes, meet-ups, workshops, a global community platform and podcast, regional chapters and local hubs amongst other things. They have fundraised for over 300 refugee youths to receive Permaculture Certificates, seeds and tools.

  • 2021
  • Influence Award