Radio Savia

Radio Savia is a narrative bimonthly podcast that features diverse (indigenous, black, farmers) Latin American women activists and healers. They believe in the transformative power of storytelling from a feminist, decolonial, regenerative and antiracist perspective.

Providing a bridge that communicates diverse struggles and territories, they seek to create solidarity and resonance between social movements going through similar situations and to amplify these powerful voices among urban contexts.

In every episode the listener dives into an immersive sound experience where the guests share their personal journeys about healing and their relationship with themselves, their communities and the planet. Each episode explore the local meaning of ‘cuerpo-territorio’ (body-territory), a concept crafted by indigenous communities all over Latin America to express the deep bond between humans and the planet.

Those in peasant communities or indigenous territories listen to the podcast through Whatsapp or community radios (where the content has become popular), hearing testimonies similar to their own – voices that are not normally heard in mainstream media.

  • 2021
  • Ancient and Indigenous Wisdom Award