Since 2013, Reviveolution has worked in deep partnership indigenous wisdom keepers to bridge ancestral wisdom in the modern world. It has worked in partnership with the Q’ero Nation and Quechua communities in Peru for 10 years and the Drikung Kagyu lineage of Tibet for the last two years.

Reviveolution is committed to supporting locally run initiatives led by and owned by indigenous wisdom-keepers who spread traditional knowledge through cultural and ecological initiatives. In 2017, it sponsored the purchase of a family-sized farm in the Huarán watershed of the Sacred Valley of Peru. This land has flourished into a botanical sanctuary named “Hampi Mama”, which means Medicine Mother in Quechua. This sanctuary is run by Quechua medicine women and serves as a promising beacon for ecological, social and economic regeneration.

Hampi Mama acts as an eco-cultural hub where locals and international visitors learn about indigenous herbal plants, practice land regeneration methodologies, and receive traditional healthcare services. We organize retreats, intercultural ceremonies, and courses to expand traditional ecological knowledge in the Sacred Valley and to nurture deep partnerships between indigenous wisdom-keepers who lead land based projects abroad.

Hampi Mama Sanctuary stands on four pillars:

  • A model farm where it practices and shares ecological stewardship practices through farmer-to-farmer training
  • Capacity building through female leadership
  • Community healthcare that incorporates indigenous medicine
  • Bridging of networks to build a broader transformation based on ancestral principles
  • 2023
  • Ancient and Indigenous Wisdom Award
Photo: Reviveolution

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