Six Inches of Soil

Six Inches of Soil is the first feature length documentary film with an impact campaign to be made about regenerative farming and agroecology in the UK.

The project began with a 2021 NGO-commissioned film about regenerative farming in Cambridgeshire. With over 15,000 views and enthusiastic reviews, the producer-director team realised a more in-depth story needed to be told. “Six Inches of Soil” tells the story of our broken food system and what can be done to change it, following the compelling journeys of three new entrant regenerative farmers. At its heart is a call to restore our soils, increase diversity and rediscover our regenerative nature.

The film, due for release in late 2023, is an educational and advocacy tool that seeks to influence:

  • Farmers: sensitively portraying the opportunities and challenges faced in adopting regenerative practices and establishing alternative supply chains.
  • Policymakers: fostering a supportive policy environment for building a regenerative food and farming culture.
  • The Public Everyone that eats: explaining the impact of food choices and how these can support alternative food systems that provide healthy, affordable, regenerative food.

Six Inches of Soil is already creating waves in the UK regenerative and agroecology movements through its active social media engagement, a successful Crowdfunder and NGO partnerships. The team is designing a yearlong social impact campaign for 2024 with screenings, Q&A sessions, a shorter schools version and tailored resources. There are already many offers for farm screenings. Six Inches of Soil is an entirely voluntary and not-for-profit initiative.

  • 2023
  • Influence Award
Photo: Six Inches of Soil

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