Tuq’tuquilal Regenerative Centre

Tuq’tuquilal was born in 2019 as a dream created by the founder and a local family, located in Lanquín, a warm subtropical rainforest territory guarded by the Q’eqchi Mayan people of Guatemala.

This dream was co-created to form a holistic project that works to regenerate the land through artisanal production of cacao and other products, organic agriculture, and ecotourism.

For Tuq’tuquilal, to regenerate is to repair the social, economic, and natural fabric we are immersed in locally, while facilitating opportunities for conscious cultural interchange and co-education. It focuses on repairing and innovating around:

  • The economy and health of the cocoa producing families, by offering the possibility of selling their cocoa at an increasingly fair price, integrated with educational processes.
  • The concept of identity and value that families have of their cocoa and culture through educational, organizational and identity processes.
  • Ways of inhabiting a space, proposing ways of life that transform the ecological footprint of those who inhabit the space in Tuq’tuquilal.
  • Agricultural alternatives based on permaculture applied to cocoa production plots and other productive systems.
  • Forms of artisanal production with the objective of not polluting, creating efficient processes, celebrating cultural ingenuity, and generating employment for families.
  • Social and economic fabric, seeking markets that integrate the valorization of family and field work, and fair and conscious trade in their work philosophy
  • 2023
  • Ancient and Indigenous Wisdom Award
Photo: Tuq’tuquilal Regenerative Centre

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