Associação Terra Sintrópica

Associação Terra Sintrópica (ATS, Syntropic Land Association) was created in 2018 in Mértola, Portugal, when a group of motivated citizens came together in response to various challenges facing the area.

Terra Sintrópica practices and spreads the concept of ‘regeneration through use’. This being the idea that we need to reconnect with the Earth, relating its use and enjoyment with long-term sustainability goals, preservation and recovery of ecosystems and biodiversity. As Terra Sintrópica sees the food system as intrinsically interconnected with issues of desertification, climate change and depopulation affecting Mértola, this is where it focuses its attention.
The association works to regenerate the food system through a transition to agroecological practices, rooted in both community participation and international collaboration.

Since its creation, ATS has developed:

  • A Local Food Network, which links farmers, local institutions and consumers
  • An Agroecology Centre
  • Five Forest Gardens in schools
  • A regenerative food meeting and sharing centre
  • A Land Exchange project (connecting new farmers with rural landowners)
  • The Shelter Land Project, which relates these challenges to the reception of refugees from Afghanistan.

ATS wants to invest more in the urgent need to communicate and celebrate regeneration and regenerators to inspire action.

  • 2023
  • Young Projects
Photo: Associação Terra Sintrópica

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