Forest Without Frontiers

Forests Without Frontiers (FWF) was born in 2018 out of a love for forests and the people and wildlife they support, as well as the art and creativity these landscapes inspire. FWF’s current projects focus on reforestation and rewilding of the Carpathian Mountains of Romania, where the founder of the project originates, and in the UK where the organisation is headquartered.

FWF’s work is about creating holistic forest ecosystems that revitalise landscapes, people and traditions rooted in the beauty of nature and the arts. Since starting, it has:

  • Planted 150,000 trees in Romania and the UK
  • Regenerated 30 hectares of degraded landscape by planting native species at strategic times and places using local knowledges and methods; all trees are maintained and cared for until they reach maturity and legally protected to ensure long-term survival
  • Employed 200 local people to carry out FWF’s reforestation activities
  • Engaged youth in nearby forests, nature, music and arts
  • Tapped into traditions centred around forests such as music and folklore, including creating an album recorded in and inspired by the forests where we plant and featuring traditional instruments played by local musicians who were paid for their work.

FWF is the only non-profit of its kind to harnesses the power of music and art and turn it into a holistic approach to forest conservation and regeneration. We aim to inspire and support as many people as possible to engage with forests, nature and art holistically, thereby becoming a powerful and harmonious ‘voice of the forest’.

  • 2023
  • Young Projects
Photo: Forest Without Frontiers

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