SGGIMA is an organisation based in Sierra Leone.

SGGIMA intends to end hunger and food insecurities in Sierra Leone by building the country’s fair food market. By focusing on sustainable agriculture, food processing and farmer training, it seeks to increase domestic agriculture production with the goal of growing 50% of the food consumed in Sierra Leone by rural farmers by 2027.

Its work has two parts.

Firstly, SGGIMA will:

  • Farm a variety of cash, cover, and tree crops
  • Purchase farm produce that spoils easily for small-scale rural farmers to process, dry, or preserve to increase shelf life
  • As such, it will reduce imports and food prices and give many people access to nutritious, affordable, domestically produced food.

Secondly, SGGIMA believes in “Where care meets sustainability” and pursues the following:

  • It aims to re-invest some of the profits to developing various community infrastructures in Sierra Leone, such as education, water supply, and healthcare systems.
  • It seeks to enable community-run farming programs where every trained farmer will have to train four more farmers on skills that will enhance yield as a requirement to be part of SGGIMA supply chains.
  • In the next five years, by starting with 500 farmers, more than 128,000 farmers will be trained in Sierra Leone and neighbouring countries such as Liberia, Guinea, and Mali.
  • 2023
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