NILE Journeys

NILE Journeys was established in 2016 as a platform for Nile communities. Its work unfolds through community hubs across Nile Basin countries. There are currently eight hubs, and they are expanding.

Communities across the Nile Basin suffer inequalities and limitations in their natural, human, or technological well-being, which renders them vulnerable to climate change and its effects. The word NILE refers not only to the Nile’s energetic field of the majestic river but also serves as an acronym for what the platform aims to do “Nurturing Impulses for Living Ecosystems”.

The NILE Journeys vision is to nurture life-affirming actions in the Nile bio-region through participatory and experiential learning spaces rooted in indigenous knowledge and regenerative practices.

NILE Journeys has so far:

  • Engaged more than 97,000 people
  • Provided direct support to eight Community Hubs
  • Established three dialogue spaces
  • Established three agroecology demonstration sites
  • Set up a library
  • Co-established a restaurant in a rural co-working space
  • Co-established a moringa oil press unit
  • Sponsored the education of 83 children
  • Sustainably regenerated 168 hectares
  • Trained 35 community leaders on dialogue facilitation

The NILE journeys’ goal for 2026 is to become a model of trans-local collaboration in the Nile basin with regenerative practices that can be replicated in other fields and other parts of the basin.

  • 2023
  • Permaculture Magazine Award
Photo: NILE Journeys

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