Reviveolution exists to preserve and expand ancestral wisdom in a way that awakens the full spectrum of human potential so that individuals, communities, and ecosystems thrive in health, through intercultural education, land-based ecological stewardship, and network weaving.

Since 2013, they have worked in deep partnership with the Q’ero Nation, participating in four major global gatherings, three inter-tribal councils, and over three dozen international events, and hosting more than 20 retreats and 50 intercultural workshops and ceremonies.

In 2017, they sponsored the purchase of a family-sized farm in the Sacred Valley of Peru. Consisting of a model regenerative farm, a botanical sanctuary, an intercultural meeting and learning space, and a sacred site for ceremony, it is positioned to become one of various indigenous-led eco-hubs across the region and world.

Now called the Medicine Mother or “Hampi Mama” Botanical Sanctuary, this land aims to be a beacon of regenerative practices led by Quechua medicine women and their aspiration to spread flourishing health throughout their community and landscapes.

During the coronavirus pandemic, they were called upon as “cultural interpreters” between the local indigenous farming communities and the foreigner population to create a closed-loop system to deliver emergency food baskets via horseback to over 300 families at 15,000 feet, and coordinated over 20 meetings and mutual learning sessions on regenerative farming.

Reviveolution believes that our deep interconnection with the web of life is a roadmap to apply ancestral principles to modern problems, and that through inner and outer regeneration, people, landscapes and systems are transformed.

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