The Jupago Kreká Collective

The Jupago Kreká Collective was created in 2005 for the construction of their Life Plan by the principles of Lymolaygo Toype (Xukuru Well-Living). After the reconquest of their ancestral land, they committed to break away from the land exploitation system left by the predatory model of cattle ranching that damages biodiversity, and jeopardises their practices and knowledge of Sacred Agriculture, which destabilize the Xukuru Way of Life.

The Collective promotes the recovery of agrobiodiversity in degraded areas, and the valorization of practices and ancient knowledge of a sacred agriculture that structures a Way of Life connected to the ancestral world; pursuing harmony between biodiversity and spiritual-diversity, which lives in the environment. They have also established the sacred complex Caxo da Boa Vista, as a reference for traditional agriculture, with the help of Xukuru youth and women’s collectives.

They understand health as a universal result of their work, which demands healing actions for humans, plants, animals, the spirits and the mother earth. The medicine-women are the guardians from the ancestral healing knowledge, and they guide them with care for the health of a body-mind-spirit whole.

  • 2021
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Photo: The Jupago Kreká Collective

Project information

  • Portuguese
  • +55 87 999984985
  • Aldeia Couro D’Antas/Boa Vista – TI Xukuru do Ororubá Pesqueira Pernambuco 55200-000 Brazil