Permayouth Kitgum

Permayouth Kitgum is a community based organization which aims to empower the vulnerable and at risk youth in the post insurgent community of Kitgum, Northern Uganda through permaculture trainings and pro-activism.
The permaculture need tailored trainings and vulnerable communities empowerment project was borne out of the experience in a surging food insecurity, poverty stricken communities with degradability environment, soils and untapped youth potential to regeneratively repair, rebuild and transform itself while recovering from a two decade insurgence.

Through this project, Permayouth Kitgum organizes monthly full permaculture practical trainings for the at risk and vulnerable youths in the various communities and after the program, they are empowered with seeds and tools and other kits to venture into their self help initiatives and others join in the teaching apprenticeship program.

In the last one year, Permayouth Kitgum has trained over 300 youths in practical permaculture who together as a team implement various community building projects to tackle food insecurity, poverty , environmental and climate challenges. We trained households in kitchen gardening installed 150 kitchen gardens and planted over 500 fruit trees in our effort to eradicate food insecurities in the community.

  • 2021
  • Intentional Projects
Photo: Permayouth Kitgum

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