Ramaviva is a permaculture system under development in Las Catalinas, Guaniguanico mountain range, Cuba. Starting as a permaculture demonstration system, the envisioned idea has evolved into a training and community development centre, following a process of exploration and familiarization with the site and its people over the years.

Ramaviva will help regenerate socio-ecological processes and create an economy based on good living, with solutions based in local context and developed through participatory processes, to the problems recognised by local residents.

The space is already a conservation and breeding site for an endangered native fish species, which was the basis of the local food supply. It is already a workstation for university students, and a space for continuous workshops on permaculture elements such as bio-construction for locals and guests. They have formed the necessary networks of collaboration and capacities to solidify the idea. In 5 years they see themselves already established as a centre that trains and educates within the community and throughout the country.

  • 2021
  • Intentional Projects
Photo: Ramaviva

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