MURAAL is based in the recognition that regeneration is defined from a positionality of ‘whiteness’, a system of thought and behaviour that arises from trauma and trauma adaptations emerging from the histories and behaviours of bodies that have perpetuated colonialism and its legacies.

Ideas of what is good in food, health, living and other objectifying indicators are not neutral, but connected to that history, associated with standards that have, over time conferred forms of ‘power and privilege’. It is identified by white-bodied Europeans, but is globalised and inhabits most bodies in the modern world, with all of us subject to it in ways that show up differently because of the impact of intersectional inequities. We carry complex histories of trauma.

The project will offer learning for each person to develop their own (and collective) practice of working through this, recognising that differently impacted bodies experience triggers in relation to their own unique entanglement in this collective history, and the localised characteristics of it.

  • 2021
  • Intentional Projects

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