Fundación Lurgaia Fundazioa

LURGAIA was born in 2002 in Vizcaya, Basque Country, with the aim of WORKING for the environment.

In Vizcaya, native forests have almost disappeared, replaced by industrial forestry crops.

These monocultures, although necessary, have a negative impact and lack the biodiversity of a natural forest. Every so often, they are cut down to make short-term products, such as paper, immediately releasing the sequestered CO2. Intensive exploitation forces the use of fertilisers and phytosanitary products, impoverishing, polluting and eroding the soil. All the vegetation is eliminated and the cycle must start from scratch, making it impossible to reach the degree of maturity necessary for the health of the forest and, as we already know, for our health.

In a privileged economic context like this, most plantations are in private hands and do not represent a way of life but an extraordinary contribution. More and more owners decide to take a step in favour of the planet and convert their land into forests without exploitation.

The LURGAIA Foundation works to recover a part of this lost heritage so that there is a better balance between economy and conservation. And it does so by involving society.

So far it has:

  • Grown its ‘U’ndabaso project’ from four hectares in 2008 to 170 hectares now.
  • Regenerated more than 600 hectares
  • Forged strong alliances with a range of stakeholders in the area
  • Developed a powerful volunteer network of more than 2,300 people
  • Involved small and medium-sized companies
  • 2023
  • Established Projects
Photo: Fundación Lurgaia Fundazioa

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