Focus on the Global South

Focus on the Global South has been implementing its Agroecology Project in India since 2013.

Agroecology strengthens the rights of people and communities to determine what to grow and in which way; promotes small-scale localised agricultural production and consumption, revitalizes local food systems; promotes conservation of indigenous seed and native crops; and provides an alternative to carbon-intensive industrial agriculture.

The project uses popular education materials and trainings to instill confidence among small and marginal farmers in India on the viability and sustainability of small farms. It teaches farmers about the dangers of chemical input-intensive, export-oriented conventional agricultural practices, and the benefits of agro-ecological farming practices and biodiversity conservation.

  • 2017
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  • C/o Intercultural Resources (ICR), 33-D, 3rd Floor, Vijay Mandal Enclave, DDA SFS FLATS, New Delhi, 110016, India.