Voedselpark Amsterdam

Stichting Grond van Bestaan is a registered charity and citizens’ initiative based in Amsterdam that aims to protect the last fertile soil and create “Voedselpark Amsterdam” (Amsterdam Foodpark).

‘Lutkemeer’ (meaning little lake) is 43 hectares of farmland on the western edge of Amsterdam which constitutes the last piece of fertile soil in the city. Unfortunately this unique historical and organic soil is in danger. There are plans to turn it into a business park for massive distribution warehouses. Voedselpark Amsterdam has become symbolic of people’s desire for a nature inclusive city and opposing the globalized fossil fuelled consumer economy. Voedselpark Amsterdam would save the soil and use it as a urban ecological living lab for commons and ecological entrepreneurship.

This park will not only provide affordable heathy food, but will inspire and demonstrate the importance of urban regenerative food transition. Voedselpark Amsterdam wants to activate citizens to convert places in the city and the countryside into local ‘commons’ where regenerative forms of agriculture can take place. At the same time creating a place for people to recreate and learn about agriculture, sustainability and biodiversity and work towards a green, inclusive, regenerative economy.

  • 2023
  • Intentional Projects
Photo: Voedselpark Amsterdam

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